"A quince segundos del fin del mundo", edición completamente traducida al inglés.


¡Gran noticia! "A quince segundos del fin del mundo", ha sido editada y traducida completamente al inglés. Se encuentra disponible en Amazon bajo el título de "Fifteen seconds to the end of the world". 

Prólogo aquí que integra esta edición:

Fifteen seconds to the end of the world is the name of one of the short plays included in this book. It is also an attempt to gather these fifteen short plays under a single heading. What binds them together? Well, their condition of dramatic writing, of course -which I expect will meet the expectations of the future reader-. But also, what binds them together is my eagerness to publish them. The small worlds gathered here are all different, not intended to have any connection in topic or aesthetics, though they are inextricably related by a few matching situations, and they have been written -for the taste of the reader or not- by the same author.

I'd like to dedicate this edition to Nadia, my life partner. To Nidia and Daniel, my parents. To Erika, Dani and Germán, my siblings. To my friends.

I celebrate the imagination of audience and play readers. Hopefully, one of these plays might spark that imaginary trip.